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The head of the Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrey Belyaninov announced that the agency will be working to create a "green corridor" for goods imported from Syria, Iran and Italy.
Arriving from the port of Latakia, 1,600 tonnes of produce, most of which is citrus fruits, are to arrive in Russia as the second export of its kind from Syria in two weeks.
Just before the start of the new year, Syria had already sent its first shipment – 60 tonnes of lemons and oranges - from the port of Latakia to Novorossiysk, Russia
On December 5 a 800 tonne shipment of lemons and oranges left the port of Latakia, Syria, headed for the Russian market, as confirmed by Syrian businessman Amjad Duba. 
In 2014, Russia's supplies to Syria accounted for 8.4 percent of the near east country's imports. Other exporting countries to this market were: Saudi Arabia with a share of 24.5 percent, United Arab Emirates with a share of 12.1 percent and Iran with an 8.9 percent share.
Russia's Ministry of Agriculture highlighted in a press release the country's readiness to reach an export agreement with Syria.