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According to China's agency for inspections and quarantine of exports and imports in the Heilongjiang Province, demand for Chinese agricultural products is on the rise due to increases in the value of the ruble, heightened purchasing capacity among Russians and other factors.
A research branch of Russia's Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) reported that during the month of February the Top-10 import countries that violated quarantine regulations when pests were detected on their products alone have accounted for 73% of all violations reported in February.
According to the official data of Rosstat, and the results of the distribution of retail price reporting on the 51st week of 2015, which concluded the season on December 28, the national average price of one kilogram of cabbage was 22.99 rubles. For comparison, at the end of 2014 (December 29 and 51 weeks), the average price was 28.72 rubles in 2013 (30 of December and 52 reporting week) it was 17.86 rubles; in 2012 (24 of December and 51 weeks) - 15 71 rubles and 10.56 rubles in 2011 (December 26 and 51 reporting week).
In Russia's Chita Oblast, a region located in the southeastern part of the country that borders the countries of China and Mongolia, a joint Russian-Chinese logistics center for trading Chinese vegetables and fruits on the market will open in the near future, according to the head of the city administration Anatoly Dmitrievich and representatives of the government of Manchuria.
Foreign enterprises interested in exporting their products to Russian markets, now have their chance to house their goods at the trade center Food City. Interested suppliers include enterprises from Iran, Mexico, Syria, Tunisia, Georgia, China, India, Morocco, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and others.
An official announcement of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, a region of northern China, reported that from January to September of this year Russian suppliers shipped 282 thousand tonnes of various agricultural products to China by way of Manchuria.
Shipments of onions and garlic from China have again made the country Russia's leading exporter for these two products. In 2014, China supplied a combined total of 129,98 thousand tonnes of these products at a sum of US $100,22 thousand.
A Russian-Chinese fertilizer manufacturing facility, specializing in mineral fertilizers, will open in 2018 and produce about 100 thousand tonnes of product annually.
The Demi region near Ufa is to be the site of a storage and distribution center for agricultural products of both local and foreign origin. The complex will house goods that are not typically grown in Russia, including products that originate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) member countries.
China's plans to significantly increase fruit and vegetable supplies to Russia were made public in an announcement by the country's embassy in Russia.

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